Private Day Providers

The Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilites must provide Free Choice of Provider.

Free Choice of Provider

  1. Individuals may choose agency providers, independent providers, or a combination of agency providers and independent providers.
  2. Individuals may choose providers from all qualified and willing providers available statewide and is not limited to those currently providing services in a given county.
  3. An individual may choose to receive services from a different provider at any time.
  4. An individual choosing to receive homemaker/personal care in a licensed residential facility is choosing both the place of residence and the homemaker/personal care provider, but maintains free choice of providers for all other home and community-based services and the right to move to another setting at any time if a new homemaker/personal care provider is desired.
  5. The SSA will assist the individual with the provider selection process if the individual requests assistance.
Please use the following link to search for a provider.