Eligibility for Infants and Toddlers

Please note that eligibility for Board provided Early Intervention Services is provided by Portage County Help Me Grow. Their contact information is:
Portage County Help Me Grow
705 Oakwood Street, Ravenna, OH 44266
330-298-4545 (phone) 330-297-4556 (fax)
Website: www.helpmegrow.ohio.gov/
Statewide Phone Humber: 1-800-755-GROW (4769)
Eligibility for all other Board services, such as the Family Support Services Program, are completed by the Board’s Intake and Eligibility Specialist (intake@portagedd.org).
Eligibility criteria for children birth through two (2) years of age:
Children birth through two (2) years of age must have an established risk condition OR exhibit at least one (1) developmental delay in an area of development. 
Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an established risk condition?
An established risk condition is defined as a “diagnosed physical or mental condition which has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay.” Established risk conditions include for example, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hearing loss, or fetal alcohol syndrome to name a few.

What is a developmental delay?
A developmental delay means that functional skills or age-specific tasks in developmental areas that most children can do at a certain age range have not been achieved. For example, most children are able to walk without help by 18 months of age. A child not walking by thirty-six months of age is exhibiting a developmental delay in the area of motor development.

What are devlopmental areas?
  • Gross motor: using large groups of muscle to do things like sitting, standing, walking, running, etc., maintaining balance or changing positions.
  • Fine motor: using one’s hands to do things like eating, drawing, dressing, playing, writing and many other things.
  • Language: speaking, using gestures and body language, communicating wants, and understanding what others say.
  • Cognitive: thinking skills including learning, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning, and remembering.
  • Social: interacting with others, establishing relationships with family, friends, cooperating with others, and responding to the others’ feelings.
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