Department of Children Services

The Department of Children’s Services oversees and administers the provision of early intervention, & school age special education and therapeutic services to approximately two hundred (200) children annually, from birth through age twenty-two (22). Early intervention services are provided year round through both a home-based and center-based model at Happy Day School. The school age programs operate on a nine-month calendar with all services provided at Happy Day School.
The Department also oversees the provision of a seven week Akron Area YMCA/Rotary camp at Happy Day School which serves over 60+ children eligible to receive Board services.
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Alicia Hall
Director of Education and Child Development
Special Education Services Developer
330-678-2400 x2204
Debbie Kempisty
Account Clerk II
330-678-2400 x2170
Ann Geiger-Smith
Account Clerk II
330-678-2400 x2118
Additional, detailed information about the Department of Children’s Services can be found here: Children Services Staff.
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