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Policies, Terms, and Common Questions

Providers of Services
Providers of services to individuals with developmental disabilities may be individuals or agencies/entities. An individual or organization may become certified to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.
Because the health and safety of people receiving these services is of the utmost importance, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) must certify agencies and or individuals that provide services. Applications are reviewed on an individual basis, and must include documentation that the applicant meets all qualifications and standards to become certified. An individual or agency is prohibited from providing any service until certification is obtained from the DODD.

Becoming a New Provider
On October 1, 2009 the DODD’s new provider certification rule became effective. This rule implements time-limited certification and application fees for providers of Supported Living and Home and Community-Based (HCBS) waiver services. The following rule memo from DODD and Frequently Asked Questions Memo provide information about the provider certification process.
Applications for provider certification must include supporting documentation as evidence the applicant meets all qualifications and standards.
Applications to become a certified provider must be completed online at the DODD web site directly. To apply to become a certified provider, please visit the DODD’s website at: and click on the “How to Become a Provider" tab. You will have to create a user account in the Provider Certification Wizard. The entire application process is on-line, although there are several documents that need to be printed and signed. Information about certification requirements and the application process are found on this web page.
If any local assistance if required, you may contact the Board’s Medicaid Services Manager.

Provider Certification Training Requirements
The Application process requires that potential providers complete eight (8) hours of initial training and submit the evidence of that training with their application. The eight hours of initial training must cover the following five (5) Topical Areas.
Click the following link for training resources:

What To Do Once Certified
Once you have received your final letters of DODD certification approval,  copies must be submitted to the Portage County Board of DD in order to be added to our database. We will also need an e-mail address in order to add your name to our distribution list when waiver enrollees are looking for a new provider. You can send these copies via email to the Medicaid Services Manager or fax them to 330-297-1202. You could also mail them to or drop them off with the receptionist at the Dennis M. Coble Administrative Building located at 2606 Brady Lake Rd., Ravenna, OH 44266. 
Provider Billing information can be found at:

Provider Compliance
At the Department’s homepage, click on the ‘Rules and Laws’ tab at the top of the page and then click on "Rules in Effect" on the new page that opens and scroll down the list to find the full rule.
The DODD Office of Provider Standards and Review is responsible for conducting provider compliance reviews of certified Individual Options and Level One waiver providers. The rule governing provider compliance reviews is found in Ohio Administrative Code section 5123:2-9-08 "Compliance Reviews of Certified HCBS Waiver Providers". According to this rule, DODD or county boards must review certified providers once during the term of their certification, but at least once every three years. Additional information about provider compliance can be found on the DODD at: Provider Compliance.
Know these applicable DODD Administrative Rules: As a provider you should be thoroughly knowledgeable of the following administrative rules, all of which are available at the DODD website at:
  • OAC 5123:2-2-01 Provider Certification
  • OAC 5123:2-6 Administrating of prescribed medications, performance of health-related activities, and performance of tube feedings
  • OAC 5123:2-8 Level One Waiver
  • OAC 5123: 2-9 Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers – General provisions
  • OAC 5123:2-13 Individual Options Waiver

Topical Areas
  1. Overview of serving individuals with developmental disabilities
  2. Rights of individuals set forth in sections 5123.62 to 5123.64 of the Ohio Revised Code
  3. Overview of basic principles and requirements for providing HSBS waiver services
  4. Requirements of Ohio Administrative Code 5123:2-1702 (Incidents Adversely Affecting Health and Safety)
  5. Universal precautions for infection control
In addition to the initial training, annual training is required.