School Age Program

The school age program serves children with multiple disabilities from six (6) through twenty-one (21) years of age. Children with multiple disabilities in the school age classrooms at Happy Day School are served through a placement request by the child’s parent and local school district and concurrence by the Board’s Director of Children’s Services that the program at Happy Day School is the most appropriate and least restrictive educational placement for the child. There are presently three (3) school age classrooms operating at Happy Day School serving up to twenty-four (24) students with multiple disabilities.
Students are encouraged to achieve their full potential in functional skills including daily living, community participation, vocational, communication, and social interactions. Classroom instructors, related services staff, parents of students, and students themselves if appropriate, work together to design and implement an Individual Education Plan (IEP) specific to each student’s needs and outcomes. The school age program operates five days per week across a 184 day school program year.